Breakfast will be served every day between 8-10 am in the house by the lake.

The first Sunday hours will be extended til 8-11.
Prices can be found here.

Visby 2007

• Milk
• Juice
• Tea
• Coffee

• Bread
• Knäckebröd
• Butter
• Cheese
• Marmalades
• Honey
• Ham
• Salami sausage
• Kalles Kaviar
• Vegetables for sandwiches
• Boiled eggs
• Yoghurt or sour milk
• Cereals
• Müsli
• Porridge (oatmeal or rice)

First Sunday and last Saturday also included in breakfast:

• Pancakes with jam and whipped cream

On the Thursday there will also be:

• Scrambled eggs
• Sausages
• Bacon

There will be butter, milk and bread suitable for lactose- and/or gluten intolerance.
• Please ask the kitchen staff.

With reservation for small changes.

We do NOT have room in the freezer for cool packs (I’m sorry).

Help out in the kitchen:


If you want to help out with the breakfast please contact Lady Åsa Fredriksdotter