Food policy at DW

All meals need to be pre-ordered upon registration.

We can cater for vegetarians, gluten or lactose intolerant guests. Unfortunately we cannot cater to those who have combinations of special requests (for example we can’t guarantee food that is both vegetarian and gluten free).

If you have any other special requests (medical conditions) then please write a comment when you register with specific details and the cooks will get back to you by e-mail about if they can offer food that fits your needs or not.

Visby mediveal week 2008 Visby 2007 King Attes Winterfeast

Common freezer: In the backroom of the tavern there will be a freezer for the use of people living in the camping-area who needs to store and freeze ice packs. Please mark you ice packs clearly, or put them in a bag with your name on it! The event does not take any responsability for things put in this freezer, but will remove too big items put in, so that room will be available for all who use it for ice packs. There is plenty of space in this freezer!


Breakfast will be served every day between 8-10 am in the Tavern indoors.

Price for breakfast is 25 sek for adults, 10 sek for children (0-12 yrs).

Visby 2007

• Milk
• Juice
• Tea
• Coffee

• Bread
• Knäckebröd
• Butter
• Cheese
• Marmalades
• Honey
• Ham
• Salami sausage
• Kalles Kaviar
• Vegetables for sandwiches
• Boiled eggs
• Yoghurt or sour milk
• Cereals
• Müsli
• Porridge (oatmeal or rice)

First Sunday and last Saturday also included in breakfast:

• Pancakes with jam and whipped cream

On the Thursday there will also be:

• Scrambled eggs
• Sausages
• Bacon

There will be butter, milk and bread suitable for lactose- and/or gluten intolerance.
• Please ask the kitchen staff.

With reservation for small changes.


Help out in the kitchen with breakfast:

If you want to help out with the breakfast please contact Lady Åsa Fredriksdotter



Visby 2007



DINNER in the Tavern!

Tavernan har hela öppet hela kvällen och är ett bra ställe att hänga på. Mellan klockan 17.00-18.30 serveras där middag, som måste förbeställas vid registrering och efter det finns det en begränsad möjlighet att köpa de portioner som blivit över. Middag kostar 80 sek per vuxenportion.
Det kommer att finnas vegetarisk, glutenfri och laktosfri kost, var noggrann med att uppge dina behov vid anmälan.Var middag serveras med färska grönsaker och bröd. Ibland kommer desserter vara möjliga att köpa till på plats.


Var medvetna om att menyn kan förändras något, beroende på omständigheter.

Fredag: Chili Con Carne. Serverat med ris, bröd och brynt smör.

Lördag: Köttgryta med rotfrukter, svamp och potatis.

Söndag: Exotisk flygande Jacob med ris och sallad (utan nötter)

Måndag: Fiskgryta med saffran, rotfrukter och potatis. Serverat med bröd och aioli.

Tisdag: Lasagne med grönsallad.

Onsdag: Lax med potatis och grönsaker i ugn.

Torsdag: Kycklinggryta med kokta grönsaker och ris/pasta.

Fredag: Viltbiffar med ungsstekta rotfrukter/potatis och svampsås, rårörda lingon

Lördag: INGEN ORDINARIE MIDDAG –  Bankett – se separat meny!



Tavern will be open the whole day and evening and is a place where you can eat your food and hang out with your friends.

Dinner (pre-order upon registration) will be served between 17.00-18.30 and after that there will be a limited opportunity to purchase remaining servings. Dinner cost 80 sek per adult.

We will cater for vegetarians, lactose intolerant and gluten intolerant people. Please note your dietary requirements upon registration. Veggies are included in every meal.


Menu -Keep in mind that the menu may be adjusted.

Friday: Chili Con Carne. Served with rice, bread and browned butter.

Saturday: Beef stew with root vegetables, mushrooms and potatoes. 

Sunday: Exotic Flying Jacob (chicken stew) with rice and salad (without nuts).

Monday: Fish stew with saffron, root vegetables and potatoes. Served with bread and aioli.

Tuesday: Lasagna with green salad.

Wednesday:  Salmon with potatoes and vegetables baked in the oven.

Thursday: Chicken stew with boiled vegetables and rice/pasta.

Friday: wild minced meat steaks with root vegetables/potatoes in the oven, mushroom sauce and lingonberries

Saturday: NO ORDINARY DINNER – BANQUETTE – see the feast menu!





The feast menu will be presented here before february 1st!



Help out in the kitchen with lunch/dinner/feast:

If you want to help out with the breakfast/dinner or feast-cooking please contact the head cook or write it in your reservation! We will get back to you.

If You are one of those who want to volunteer to help with kitchen duty during Double Wars – we are most thankful and you are much welcome!


We need help to prepare breakfast, please contact Lady Åsa Fredriksdotter if you are willing to help out.

Breakfast 07.30-10.30

Tavern ( dinner)

The tavern would be grateful to have helpful people for kitchen duty.

There are two shifts daily to choose from, each a 3 hours shift:


Kitchen helpers will be served free dinner the day they volunteer.

Please mark in your registration if you want to help and also what days/shifts you would prefer.


Feast will be served on saturday evening, please contact Loella or write it in your reservation if you want to help out! Serving staff will also be needed!

Tavern (final cleaning)

We also need at least three people to do the final cleaning of the Tavern kitchen on the last Sunday morning after breakfast. Please contact the autocrat in charge of cleaning, or mark in your registration if you want to help out.

Thank you SO much for volonteering to help! Our possibilities to serve food at the event depends on helping hands!