Welcome all archers to Double Wars!
Welcome to participate in a fun week full of archery activities, both training and competitions – official and novelty shoots!

There will be training and competition every day 10.30-13.00, from the first Sunday.
Open Range for training from 10:30 and around 11:30-12:00 the competition of the day starts.
OBS! No practice Thursday and last Saturday when we have focus on the Knäckebröd Competition and the Golden Bow competition.
You can come directly to the competition if you want to. In some cases, the end time 13:00 may be exceeded. More info about current starting times etc. can be found on the bulletin board outside the tavern.

For Children and Youth, there will be training and competitions at the same time as adults. We will have official competitions and other fun competitions such as parrotshoot etc. On last Saturday, the children have their competition Golden Arrow at the same time as the adults’ Golden Bow.
Children and Youths who want to participate in the archery should have an adult supervising them while shooting.


Are you curious about what we do? Please come and ask us! We are always happy to talk about archery, arrows and all things related!
We have some loaner gear for those interested in trying, for more information, contact one of the marshals.
The archery schedule will be part of the big integrated schedule – check the main schedule page for new activities!

Steward in charge of archery/archery marshal: Thomas Gråskägg
Co-marshals: Aaliz de Cordes, Petronilla fra Auissaas




If you are interested in arranging a competition / practice Please contact Thomas Gråskägg thomas _at_ skeatorpet.se



We are pleased to announce that Arrownet, one of the largest archery shops in Sweden, will be at Double Wars throughout the week. He brings archery materials, arrow materials as well as finished arrows, bows and other things.

There will also be a arrowmaking workshop Monday and Tuesday. Time TBD.
Material for arrows can be purchased from Arrownet. You can also bring your own material.
More information will be available in the large schedule.



Changes to the schedule will be posted by the tavern. The archery activities will be integrated in the main schedule – so look at the page for this to see what´s new!

Sunday 10:30 – 13:00 Training, Drachenwald Round, Royal Round Youth/Children
Monday 10:30 – 13:00  Training, competition TBD
Tuesday 10:30 – 13:00 Training, Clout
Wednesday 10:30 – 13:00 Training, 3D trail
Thursday 10:30 – 13:00 Training, Royal Round, Royal Round Youth/Children
Friday TBD Knäckebröd Archery
Saturday TBD Competition Golden Bow / Golden Arrow

The Archery range is located west of the large listfield near the houses. The field for clout shoot is the smaller field west of the modern campsite. The 3D trail is located on the little hill west of cloutfield.
A map of archery areas will be posted on the bulletin board at the tavern and at the archery range.

Range rules

Respect barriers when archery is in progress! Parents are responsible for their childrens awareness of the risks/dangers and of the areas where archery activities will take place.

The range is only to be used with a marshal present.
If you want extra practice ask one of the marshals.

Children and youth should have an adult supervising them while shooting, unless permission have been given by a marshal for the child/youth to shoot unsupervised.
Parents should check with the marshal in charge before letting their children/youth shoot.

Youths that are experienced and can shoot at adult ranges (20-40 yards) can attend the regular open range.