Welcome all archers to Double Wars!

We will have archery practice everyday on the field outside the breakfast hall. Most days there will also be practice for children.
We have some loaner gear for those interested in trying, for more information contact one of the marshals.

There will also be some competitions, both some official shoots and novelty shoots.

If you have any questions about the archery or are interested in arranging a competition/practice please contact Engli at engli@ingimarrsson.se

Wisby mediveal week 2008



Archery Marshal:

Baron Engli (Daniel Johansson)
E-mail: engli@ingimarrsson.se


Wisby mediveal week 2008


Changes to the schedule will be posted by the tavern

Saturday 9/5

10-12 Setting up of the archery range and open range

Sunday 10/5

9-10 Children’s archery
10-12 Open range
13-15 Royal Round

Monday 11/5

10-12 Open range
13-14 Children’s archery
15-17 Competion Reverse target

Tuesday 12/5

9-10 Children’s archery
10-12 Open range

Wednesday 13/5

10-12 open range
13-14 children’s archery
14-16 Royal round

Thursday 14/5

9-10 Children’s archery
10-12 Open range
13-14 Royal round for youth & children
15-17 Örehus Lucky Target

Friday 15/5
Knäckebröd war – Archery: Smash the knäckebröd, Duelling, Live target For more information look at the war page

Saturday 16/5

10-12 – at Hovdala – Portsmouth round

Range rules.

The range is only to be used with a marshal present.
If you want extra practice ask one of the marshals.
Children should have an adult supervising them while shooting. Unless permission have been given by a marshal for the child to shoot unsupervised.
Parents should check with the marshal in charge before letting their children shoot.