Please notice that registration must be made on-line (or by using paper submission form. In that case, please contact one of the Stewards for a copy).

Toddlers: below 2
Children: 2-7
Youth: 8-13
Adult: 14+

Site fee
Adult (SCA member) 600 SEK
Adult (non-member) 650 SEK
Youth 200 SEK
Children 50 SEK
Toddlers Free
Meals (pre-ordered at registration)
Breakfast (adult) 25 SEK/day
Breakfast (children/youth) 10 SEK/day
Lunch (adult) 36 SEK/day
Lunch (children < 10 years) 25 SEK/day
Dinner (adult) 72 SEK/day
Dinner (children < 10 years) 45 SEK/day
Dessert 28 SEK/day

Indoor sleeping (whole week) 300 SEK
Indoor sleeping (half week, Wed-Sun) 200 SEK