Please notice that registration must be made on-line (or by using paper submission form. In that case, please contact one of the Stewards for a copy).

If you make your payment in euro we are going with the exchange rate 9 SEK is 1 euro.

Please note that the last day of payment is March 31st.
Payment after the 31st of March will require a Late Fee of 100 SEK.

Children: 6-12
Youth: 13-16
Adult: 17+

Site fee
Adult (SCA member) 700 SEK
Adult (non-member) 850 SEK
Student 400 SEK
Youth 13-16 years 200 SEK
Children 6-12 years 100 SEK
Children 0-5 years Free
Daytrippers (dagspass) 1-3 days adults 100 SEK
Daytrippers (dagspass) 1-3 days (6-16 yrs) 50 SEK
Meals (pre-ordered at registration)
Breakfast (adult/youth) 25 SEK/day
Breakfast (child 0-12 years) 10 SEK/day
Dinner (adult/youth) 80 SEK/day
Dinner (child 0-12 years) 40 SEK/day
Feast last Saturday (adult/youth) 200 SEK
Feast last Saturday (child 6-12 years) 100 SEK
Feast last Saturday (child 0-5 years) Free
Heavy fighting  30 SEK
 30 SEK
Fencing  30 SEK
Crash space (whole week,crash-tent, rope-bed) 200 SEK
Indoor sleeping (whole week) 500 SEK
Indoor sleeping (half week, Fri-Wed or Wed-Sun) 300 SEK
Indoor sleeping (children under 16, own bed) 250 SEK
Indoor sleeping (child 0-5 years) Sleeps in parent’s bed