Wisby mediveal week 2008 After the manual


There will be chances for authorizations and just practice. If there is anyone who wants to organize any kind of fencing please contact me as soon as you can so that we can make arrangements.

Are you curious about what we do? Don’t hesitate to ask, only problem you will face is to make us stop talking when it comes to fencing!

Responsible for this year’s fencing is Master Arenwald. Please contact him if you have any questions about fencing.

After the manual

The week of the Double Wars event offers fencers of all levels opportunity to train and compete in all fencing forms. Basic and advanced classes in footwork, balance and timing and different weapons combinations make the event one of the richest offerings of fencing activity in Drachenwald. Fencers of all levels, and with interest in all types of fencing from light blades through to schlager and cut and thrust should find something to interest them during the week.

This year also features a programme of activities for younger fencers in age groups 8-10, 11-14 and 14-16. To participate in training activities young fencers will need a sturdy tunic of densely woven cloth (linen and cotton drill, or equivalent) and a fencing mask. Masks will be available for loan, though numbers are limited.

Fencing is planned for every day of the event. Training activities will be held by the breakfast house by the lake when the list fields are occupied by other activities.

Armour inspection for tourneys and prize playing commences half an hour before the listed starting time of the event.



This is the preliminary programme with suggested times and activities.

10-11:30 basic drills and footwork ( fencers of ages 8 and up) Erik, Arenwald
14-15:30 open tourney for all comers. (winner holds the field, cumulative wounds)

10:30-11:30 Training for young fencers, all ages, Arenwald
14-15:30 Beginners Fencing. Erik.

9:30 armour inspection
10-12 Circle of treachery tourney.
14-16 cut and thrust training in armour

10:30-11:30 Training for young fencers, all ages
13:00 Armour inspection
13:30-15 Rose tourney

10:00 Prize playing, if not included in programme at Hovdala.
14-16 Tourney for young fencers.

Knäckebröd war scenarios

Programme of activities Hovdala


Fencing Co-ordinator

Master Arenwald von Hagenbourg (Arnold Pears)E-mail: Arnold.Pears@gmail.com