As always there will be two wars held at the event. War days are Thursday and Friday. More about the war on thursday will be found at Fighting page later this spring.


There will be the traditional Knäckebröd War on Friday where it is decided which side of the knäckebröd to butter. The flat one or the one with holes. Show which side you belong to in the Knäckebröd war by wearing green for the flat side and yellow for the side with holes.

Knäckebröd ceremony will be held on Wednesday evening, administered by the Theatre Guild.

This year we will try to get as many as possible involved in the war not only in the regular combat arts with fencing, fighting and archery but also by playing games such as kubb, chess and backgammon or by making banners with your own arms or maby nice ones with some knäckebröd on it. Only your imagination will set the limits!

If you have any additional wishes for the day don´t hesitate to contact me with your suggestions.

You are hightly encouraged to make a nice green or yellow armband and put it on during the knäckebröd ceremony.


Schedule will be updated ongoing but this is some things I can tell you now: 

Archery – Smash the knäckebröd
Archers try to destroy the other sides knäckebröd by shooting at them on command all at once. The side who doesn’t have any knäckebröd left hanging loses the fight.

Archery – Duelling
Archers from both sides shoots simultaneously at separate targets symbolizing the other archer and try to “kill” each other by hitting parts of the target representing different body parts.

Archery & Heavy fighting – Live targets
Each team choose archers and fighters.
The fighter will run towards the archers as the archers will shoot at the running fighter.
More details will come…

Games – Kubb
Joing in a game of Kubb –

Games – Board games
Pick an opponent from the other side of the bread and fetch a game of chess, backgammon or maby hnefatafl. Have a fun time playing sitting by the list and report back the result when you return the game.
Bare in mind that all peers are obliged to have knowledge in chess according to Corpora §VIII.A.1.g –

Display – Banner parade
Bring all your banners in a splendid march along the list field.
Maybe you want to create banners with your arms and a knäckebröd with the right side up or just bring any banner to waive in the wind.
Remeber to bring port-a-holes if you want them to stand by themselves beside the list field.

Heavy fighting & Archery (in one of the bouts) – Bridge battle
Enjoy the crowded are on a bridge.
In one of the bouts combat archers will prticipate standing outside the list creating the exact feeling from castle fights at Pennsic.
Since the archers will stand outside the list they will be able to attend even if they have not authorised in heavy fighting.

Heavy fighting – Nordic nostalgia
We are many people who remember Nordic 1000 with a lot of nostalgia.
Nordic nostalgia will be in the same spirit and is made for all fighters who armour up in time and stands by the list at 14:00.
As in nordic the fighter who wins the bout get the point, independent of what side the opponent belongs to.

Heavy fighting – Four corners of the world
The same procedure as last year, the same procedure as every year…
This is a winning concept we will not chage.

Picture by: Danel Styringheim

Countess Jovi fencing at DW

Responsible for the Knäckebröd War is Countess Jovi Torstensdottir,, 0721-877797












Preliminary schedule

Kubb 10:00
Lunch 13:00 – 14:00
HF – Nordic nostalgia 14:00
HF-Bridge battle
Banner parade
HF – Four corners