This year it is time to return to our very nice site Sjöröds scoutgård, Gyllebosjön Sweden.On this page:
Basic info in English
Basic info in Swedish
Map & pictures
Site rules
What to do nearbyWe will have two different camping areas at the site ; one period encampment and a separate mundane encampment for mundane tents and caravans (with electricity available – do not forget to bring your own powercable for this). On arrival you will be directed to the area where your group is to set up camp, with help from our site & ground stewards and their helpers.


There will be fire wood available again this year for 500 SEK per cubic meter. You can order it by the 1/4 cubic meter, when you register for the event!

It will be delivered to a central area in the camp where you can pick it up continuously throughout the event. The firewood is available on your arrival and you will find it close to the period encampment, packed in sacks where you pick up what you have ordered when you have the need. You can take what you ordered subsequently since we will fill up the sacks during the week. If you pre-ordered you will have acess to your supply. In the end of the event the leftover firewood should be delivered back to the pick-up area!

Payment is made together with your site fee.


At the new site there is a sauna, a wood-fired hot tub for bathing outside the sauna, lovely woods for fighting, a big field for tournaments and war, a smaller field for archery and lovely surroundings in the beech forrest and around the Gyllebo Lake.

There are lots of toilets in both the areas of encampment (16+16) outdoors and 3 watertoilets in the tavern (1 handicap access).


At the site there are 3 warm water showers indoors in an showerbuilding, acessible all day and night. But since we are over 200 guests please think about sharing the hot water with the next person – do not take long showers!

Hopefully there will be more showers built before DW30 but otherwise we will have a shower-wagon at site too.


2017 återvänder Dubbelkriget till vår site site vid Gyllebosjön; Välkomna till Sjöröds scoutgård, Gyllebosjön Sweden.

Lägret kommer att vara uppdelat i två avdelning – en för tidsenliga tält och paviljonger och en för mundana tält och husvagnar (glöm inte att medta egen elsladd för inkoppling på elcentralen!)


Det finns ved (björk/bok) att beställa till matlagning och eldning. En säck på 1 kubikmeter kostar 500 kr. Beställningar kan göras i 1/4 m3. Beställningar görs via eventregisreringen! Veden finns att hämta när du anländer till siten, nära den den medeltida campen. Du hämtar veden från säckarna som står öppnade och kan hämta det du behöver allteftersom om du bokat ved. Förrådet kommer fyllas på under veckans gång.

Ved betalas i samband med att du betalar din övriga sitefee mm!


Nya siten har en bastu, en vedeldad badtunna utanför bastun, trevlig skog för krig, stort grönområde för torneringar och krig, mindre grönområde för bågskytte och närhet till omkringliggande bokskog och Gyllebosjön.

Det finns gott om toaletter i lägerområdet. Det finns utedass med rinnande vatten i handfaten (16 + 16 stycken) och 3 vanliga vattentoaletter i tavernan varav en är tillgänglighetsanpassad.


Det finns 3 duschar med varmvatten i ett duschhus på siten som är öppen dygnet runt. Tänk dock på att vi är över 200 deltagare som ska dela på varmvattnet så ta korta duschar!

Förhoppningsvis kommer det byggas fler dushcar på siten under året innan DW30, men om det inte räcker så kommer det att finnas en duschvagn på siten också.



Please CONTACT the site & ground Stewards by email if you know you will arrive earlier and need to check in to set up camp!

55°35’38.9″N 14°10’48.5″E
55°35.648′N 14°10.808′E
WGS84 decimal (lat, lon)
55.594134, 14.180131
6163942, 1397548
6161214, 448333









Site Rules:

  • Minimum space between each tent is 4 meters.
  • It is advised that you mark the tent ropes with some fabric to prevent people from stumbling over them.
  • No tents are allowed in the fire alleys marked by rope.
  • In the encampment there are some storm water drains with stones in the grounds. Please do NOT empty your dishes here with left-over food. Just dirty water is to be emptied here!
  • Dogs and small pets can be permitted in the camp after applying for this (contact the head autocrat for rules and permission). To get permission to bring your pet you have to approve to the rules on pets on site.
  • Pets are not allowed indoors in any common areas or buildings.
  • When you meet a pet at the event – please make sure to treat the pet with big respect and ask permission from it´s owner before you try to pat or engage in contact with the animal.
  • No cooking is allowed in the sleeping quarters.
  • Fires directly on the ground are not permitted. All fire in pits or for cooking must be placed 50 cm above ground due to landowners request and fire department rules. There will also be a mutual fireplace central in the camp.
  • The medieval camp should have a strict medieval appearance outside the tents.
  • Strict privacy applies to all tents and rooms. If not specially invited, please do not enter.
  • There will be a lost-and-found spot at the troll.
  • Some of us attending can’t keep up with the heavy party dudes. Please respect that and try to keep your exuberance to the tavern and close vicinity.
  • One of the most burdening and distressing doings at Double Wars is the cleaning up. Not only during, but also afterwards. If you do not clean up your tent site or cot, we will bill you for this.
  • Car parking is only allowed in marked areas.
  • There is a smoking area. This is the only place where smoking is allowed and please put the ashes and butts in the ashtray.
  • Please do not practice combat outside the designated areas. If you for some reason need extra space, please contact the event marshal.
  • Beyond the mentioned rules we will apply Swedish law and of course common sense.
  • Be nice and respect each other, do unto others what you would like others do unto you.
  • Please clean your sleeping and/or camping area before leaving the site. Everybody has to help cleaning the common areas.

What to do:

During the event there will be plenty if time to do something else instead of spending all ten days in the camp.

At the eventsite, make sure that you take a walk in the beautiful surroundings.