This year it is time for a new site Sjöröds scoutgård, Gyllebosjön Sweden

55°35’38.9″N 14°10’48.5″E
55°35.648′N 14°10.808′E
WGS84 decimal (lat, lon)
55.594134, 14.180131
6163942, 1397548
6161214, 448333 









Site opens on Friday April 29 at 6 pm and closes at noon on Sunday May 08.


Site Rules:

  • Minimum space between each tent is 4 meters.
  • It is advised that you mark the tent ropes with some fabric to prevent people from stumbling over them.
  • No tents are allowed in the fire alleys marked by rope.
  • Dogs can be permitted in the camp after applying for this (contact the head autocrat for rules and permission).
  • No cooking is allowed in the sleeping quarters
  • Fires directly on the ground are not permitted. All fire in pits or for cooking must be placed 50 cm above ground due to landowners request and firedepartment- rules. There will also be a mutual fireplace central in the camp.
  • The medieval camp should have a strict medieval appearance outside the tents.
  • Strict privacy applies to all tents and rooms. If not specially invited, please do not enter.
  • There will be a lost-and-found spot at the troll.
  • Some of us attending can’t keep up with the heavy party dudes. Please respect that and try to keep your exuberance to the tavern and close vicinity.
  • One of the most burdening and distressing doings at Double Wars is the cleaning up. Not only during, but also afterwards. If you do not clean up your tent site or cot, we will bill you for this.
  • Car parking is only allowed in marked areas.
  • There is a smoking area. This is the only place where smoking is allowed and please put the ashes and butts in the ashtray.
  • Please do not practice combat outside the designated areas. If you for some reason need extra space, please contact the event marshal.
  • Beyond the mentioned rules we will apply Swedish law and of course common sense.
  • Be nice and respect each other, do unto others what you would like others do unto you.
  • Please clean your sleeping and/or camping area before leaving the site. Everybody has to help cleaning the common areas.

What to do:

During the event there will be plenty if time to do something else instead of spending all ten days in the camp.

At the eventsite, make sure that you take a walk in the beautiful surroundings.