Welcome to the A&S activities at Double Wars XXX!

Double Wars 2015-32

This year we hope to encourage as many outdoor activities and classes as possible – woodworking, practical cooking classes, pottery, furniture building or iron smelting – your imagination is the only limitation to the classes we can have.




If you have any questions, please send them to the A&S Co-ordinator Lady Silwa af Swaneholm at dwartsandscience@gmail.com

Cudgel Wars 2015-43

A&S competitions

Each year we try to help the Signets of the Kingdom by providing an opportunity for scribes to produce blank scrolls for the use of the Kingdom, or Principalities

The blank scroll competition has the following rules:

  • The scroll has to be a blank and not be designated for a certain person. It may contain symbols of orders or awards.
  • The scrolls will, after the competition, be given to either Their Majesties or Their Highnesses of Nordmark or Insulae Draconis, or their Signet Scribes. The scribe who made the blank scroll decides where the scroll goes.
  • If you have a short description of the scroll (like from where you got the inspiration, what century it is etc.) it is appreciated!
  • Sign your scroll on the back and make sure to leave information to the person running the competition (Silwa af Swaneholm) to which Crown or Coronet you wish to donate the scroll.


Laurels Prize Display

More info will come.

Guest Laurel at DW XXXI

Stay tuned for information about who´s coming to Double wars to teach next year.