Welcome to the A&S activities at Double Wars!

Information about Classes at Double Wars XXVIII

This year we are doing things a little differently – at least when it comes to the competitions and also a little when it comes to the teaching.
The laurels of the Kingdom have decided to step up and do a Laurel Academy so Wednesday of the event will be all about this! You can read more about that a bit further down on the page.

A&S ScheduleA&S Booklet 2014 (class descriptions)


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A&S competitions:

This year we will have a large display and then the blank scroll competition.
There is more information about the A&S display in the section about the Laurel Academy.

The blank scroll competition has the following rules:

  1. The scroll has to be a blank and not be designated for a certain person. It may contain symbols of orders or awards.
  2. The scrolls will after the competition be given to either Their Majesties or Their Highnesses of Nordmark or Insulae Draconis. It is the scribe who made the blank scroll that decides where the scroll goes.
  3. If you have a short description of the scroll (like from where you got the inspiration, what century it is etc.) it is appriciated!
  4. Sign your scroll on the back and make sure to leave information to the person running the competition (Lia de Thornegge or Katheryn Hebenstreitz) to which crown you wish to donate the scroll.
  5. The competition has 2 prizes – Queen’s choice and Populace choice.

Laurel Academy at Double Wars

This year the Laurel of Drachenwald are premiering a concept where we teach and interact with the populace for an entire day during the big events throughout the Kingdom, starting with Wednesday at Double Wars.

Wednesday morning will be filled with Laurels teaching classes in their specialized subjects. Come and learn and be inspired and ask all those questions you have been wanting to ask!

Current classes by Mistress Anna Laresdotter, Meisterinne Katheryn Hebenstreitz, Dame Isobel Mowbray, Mistress Lia de Thornegge, Master Sven Gunnarsson, Master Skafte Vaghorne and Mistress Helwig Ulfsdotter are scheduled.

In the afternoon the Laurels Prize Display will take centre stage and the populace, that is you!, are encouraged to bring their projects, along with documentation and sit at your display to talk to everyone who comes by. The Laurels will be going around and looking at everything, chatting with you and giving you good feedback on your projects.

This is not a competition – but it can help you to prepare for a competition. For more information and some tips on how it will work, check out the Laurel page on the Kingdom website. http://www.drachenwald.sca.org/content/laurels-prize-display


Classes scheduled at Double Wars XXVII

(Alphabetical order based on class name, updated May 4)

  • A little bit of knitted history – Anna Laresdotter
  • A mitten from Lödöse – Lady Åsa vävare
  • Ask the Kingdom Artisan – Aryanhwy merch Catmael
  • Basic Leatherwork : basic techniques and tools for decoration and merging. How to make a small leather pouch, case or medieval purse – Willhelmina Weydehartz
  • Beer as food source – Viscount Eirik Hårfager
  • Beginning Calligraphy – Aryanhwy merch Catmael
  • Blackwork for Dummies – Isabetta del Verde
  • Changing Fashions in Late Fifteenth Century Women’s Headdress – Isobel Mowbray
  • Clothing in Context – German 16th century – Katheryn Hebenstreitz
  • Dare to brew! Mead and beer for beginners – Danel Udalschou
  • Disease and illness beliefs during the Middle Ages – with focus on leapra, black plauge and syphilis – Fru Eyja Einarsdotter
  • Drachenwald Weavers’ Tea – fru Þóra Sumarliðadottir
  • Dragon’s Needle Embroidery Guild Meeting – Lady Petronilla of London
  • Drawn-thread hemstitch and long-armed cross stitch – Lia de Thornegge
  • Effektiv rekrytering – Ylffwa Uhrwäder & Richard aus Gotha
  • Fur lining and trim 101 – Alyna Morgan
  • Heresy: A guide for the perplexed – Antonio di Rienzo Ruspoli
  • Heraldic Consultation Table – Aryanhwy merch Catmael & Thora Sumarlidhadottir
  • Heavy Metal Embroidery – Duchess Siobhan Inghean ui Líathaín
  • Historical wind instruments – Skafte Vaghorne
  • How to make a period scroll – Signe Scriffuerska
  • How to fit a basic personal pattern. – Fru Silwa af Swaneholm
  • Introduction to Illumination – Aryanhwy merch Catmael
  • Kumihimo for beginners – Alexandra av Gotvik & Isabetta del Verde (assistent)
  • Medieval enameling – Kerttu Katariinantytär Roisko
  • Monsters in the margins – and in the centre – Countess Elsa Snakenborg
  • Nordmarks arms display is growing – Isabetta del Verde
  • Officers’ Hour – SKA Nordmarks Styrelse
  • Or Nué embroidery – Late medieval needle painting – Lady Petronilla of London
  • Pattern drafting for wibbly wobbly kids ( or adults) that dont sit still. – Alyna Morgan
  • Painted glass, plates and other glass decorations – Lady Åsa Fredriksdotter
  • Pearl application – Fru Silwa af Swaneholm
  • Pleats and stitches – Getting started with pleatwork embroidery a.k.a smocking – Lady Tece de Kaxtone
  • Prostitution and other female sexual transgressions in medieval Europe – Aleydis van Vilvoorde
  • Reformation: The Elephant in the SCA’s 16th Century Room – Antonio di Rienzo Ruspoli
  • Renaissance and medieval dancing – Willhelmina Weydehartz
  • Sew your own 16th C german purse – Renike Tucher
  • Shirts and Smocks in 16th century Europe – Alyna Morgan
  • Spanish Tailors Workshop in late 16th century – Alyna Morgan
  • Sven holds a class in metal armor making – Sven Gunnarsson
  • Tablet weaving according to Sahra – Katheryn Hebenstreitz
  • Tailoring in the 16th Century – Helwig Ulfsdotter
  • Tale of two cook books – Magdalena Grace Vane
  • The Joy of Documentation – What it is and how to get there? – Lady Petronilla of London
  • UFO Slayers – Lia de Thornegge
  • Viking knit – Niamh of Gisburne
  • Warp weigthed loom experiences – building, warping and weaving – Fru Eyja Einarsdotter & Greta Thorfinsdottir
  • Woven strings and bands – Lady Åsa vävare
  • Woven edges and buttons – Lady Åsa vävare
  • Workshop Early and High Medieval turn shoes – Baron Konrad von Lewenstein