Welcome to the A&S activities at Double Wars XXVIII!

The guest teacher this year (2015) will be Maistresse Mathilde Bouret. She lives in the The Barony of Dragonsspine, in the Outlands. Mathilde fits and sews 14th and 15th century clothes. For those that might not know who she is – you can find out more here: http://wp.bymymeasure.com.


Information about Classes at Double Wars XXVIII

The Arts and Science Schedule for this year is now finalized. Any classes that has a limit is on a first-come first-served basis. If a class has a fee, please bring as close to exact change as possible, and pay the teacher at the start of the class.

The PDF of the week’s classes can be found here: DW2015-AS-Schedule.pdf (note, the file has two pages!)

If you have any questions, please send them to the A&S Co-ordinators Meisterinne Katheryn (amadejska@gmail.com) or Mistress Lia (lia.thornegge@gmail.com)

Classes offered by Maistresse Mathilde

  1. The Gothic Fitted Dress – Fitting Demonstration
    • This class demonstrates how to achieve the Gothic Fitted Dress style popular with SCAdians and reenactors. Three models will be fitted so that participants can be aware of different techniques used with different body types. For the sake of privacy of the models, only women will be allowed in the room, and no photography or videotaping will be allowed.
  2. Farm Boy… Fetch Me That Pitcher: Patterning Medieval Sleeves That You Can Actually Move In
    • How many times have you heard the old saw that medieval women didn’t actually move in their clothing, they had people to do things for them? Not so. A properly fitted sleeve can both look trim and allow the woman to dress her own hair. More than just a set of directions, we’ll discuss the principles of why certain curves work and others do not. The lecture will last approximately an hour, and the second hour will be a troubleshooting session. Bring your problem sleeves, and we will try to diagnose the problem and come up with solutions.
  3. Discovering the V-Neck Gown: The Sexiest Bathrobe You’ll Ever Wear
    • The V-Neck gown has oft been called ”The Bathrobe Dress” in the SCA, but when cut and fitted correctly, is a flattering and feminine look. Learn about the evolution of this style, how to cut a gown from an existing 4-panel dress pattern, and layering theories.
  4. Keeping Warm in the Mini-Ice Age and Today: Working With Fur
    • Confused about the difference between vair, miniver, pured minver, and gris? Did you know that they’re all the same animal? Find out more about what furs were used, and by whom. Learn about medieval techniques for fur lining and fur trimming, and how we can use fur to keep warm and cozy, and look great doing it.
  5. Fitting the Grande Assiette: A Demonstration
    • Are you a fashionable late 14th century man, yet you don’t have a doublet with the latest trend in sleeves? Say it’s not so! Don’t let that trendsetter Charles de Blois out-sleeve you! Learn how to fit the “Grand Assiette”, or “big plate” sleeve, once and for all. This garment is not only fashionable, it’s functional, as the distinctive sleeve allows full range of motion. The Grande Assiette is an excellent choice for arming doublets. This class will demonstrate fitting from scratch, but will also be helpful for those fitting from a pattern. Men and women welcome.

Current class titles submitted (subject to confirmation)


  • Basics of Heraldry
  • Beekeeping and honeyharvest in medieval times
  • Branles-fun and easy dances
  • Buttons and tassels
  • Calligraphy for beginners
  • Choosing your own level of pain – beginners guide to textiles and sewing
  • Drumming
  • Headgear – everyone should have it!
  • Heavy Metal Embroidery, A look at Finnish Iron Age Spiral Decorations
  • Heraldic Consultation Table and Submissions Workshop
  • Historiska pigment
  • How autocrats can keep others safe from abuse
  • How to paint acanthus leaf initials
  • Illumination for beginners
  • Let´s talk about (medieval) shoes!
  • Long-armed cross and other Assissi stitches
  • Medieval camping inspiration, a walking tour
  • Medieval fabrics and weaving
  • Music at Double Wars
  • Naalbinding for beginners
  • Nordmarks Vapentapet
  • Posament from Birka
  • Scribes round table: tips and tricks for everyone
  • Sex in the Middle Ages
  • Size does matter – how to make tiny scrolls the Jovi way
  • Social period dancing
  • Splinted defences in the SCA
  • Sweet little creatures
  • Trying something new- the research approach
  • Venetian dress
  • Women’s dress in 16th century Sweden
  • Workshop St Birgitta’s cap, find your Size
  • Ämbetsmannatimmen, Nordmark

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A&S competitions:

This year we will have the usual blank scroll competition, and a non-competitive Artisans Display in the style of Garden of Earthly Delights.

The scrolls will be on display on Wednesday between 14:30 and 16:30 in the Lounge.

The blank scroll competition has the following rules:

  1. The scroll has to be a blank and not be designated for a certain person. It may contain symbols of orders or awards.
  2. The scrolls will after the competition be given to either Their Majesties or Their Highnesses of Nordmark or Insulae Draconis. It is the scribe who made the blank scroll that decides where the scroll goes.
  3. If you have a short description of the scroll (like from where you got the inspiration, what century it is etc.) it is appriciated!
  4. Sign your scroll on the back and make sure to leave information to the person running the competition (Lia de Thornegge or Katheryn Hebenstreitz) to which crown you wish to donate the scroll. Make sure it is handed over before 2 pm on Wednesday.
  5. The competition has 2 prizes – Queen’s choice and Populace choice, with the prizes donated by Mistress Bridget Greywulf.

Information about the Artisans Display

On Wednesday afternoon between 14:30 and 17:30 the Laurels Prize Display will take centre stage and the populace, that is you – Yes You, are encouraged to bring along projects and sit at their display to talk to everyone who comes by. It is a wonderful chance to share your craft and learn about a new facet of artistry. This will be the second time we have this type of display at Double Wars – read all about it on the kingdom website and see images from the last time.

Hovdala Display and Fashion show

There is also the opportunity to display your items to the general public during Hovdala – please see the information on the website and contact Emilia if you want to participate there.