Saturday will be spent at the Hovdala Castle where we will enjoy tourneys, a market and the Knäckebröd War Archery.

Autocrats for the day at Hovdala are Elsa and Lady Aelfwynne. ( and




For this years Double Wars we would need assistance during Hovdaladagen. Unfortunately we have nothing to offer you except gratitude and a day that will be perfect thanks to your help.

What we need is:


Exhibition Manager:

We need someone, who can take on the responsibility of organizing an exhibition and be responsible for it, working on Saturday.

The task includes:

Receive and transport exhibit to Hovdala.

Organize and place the objects in the room.

Make sure that all items will be returned to the right owner.

Be the contact person and give out information to those who choose to display their items.

Instruct Room Guards and Transporters about their tasks.

Exhibition, all day (10-16):

Room Guard: 3 people

To sit for two hours and watch all the objects found in the room.

Can also be two persons during this two hours.

Tranportation: 2 people

Make sure to help with the responsibility for the exhibition objects to transport down to Hovdala and maybe back.


Leader of the Dance Workshop:

We hope that someone would be willing to hold a dance workshop on Friday or Saturday. Dance that we seek to include:

Basse Danse





Or another dance from the Middle Ages and early Renaissance.


Archery 10:00 to 12:00

Water Bearers: 2 people

Make sure there are water containers

Fetch water for archers


Fencing 10:30 to 12:00

Water Bearers: 2 people

Responsible for water containers come down to the fighting ground and that they are refilled

That the fighters drink properly during the event



One person or more to split the part

Fencing between 10.30- 12:00

Fighting between 12.00- 16:00

The task is to maintain the verbal information to the audience.


Fighting 12:00 to 16:00

Water Bearers: 1 person

Responsible for containers to be available on site and that they are refilled

That fighters drink properly during the event


Water Bearer during the fighting: 2 people

Fill water bottles

Give water to the fighters


Food Manager: 2 people

Make sure the food comes down to Hovdala and set out all the food.

That all accessories for serving the food is there.

All empty containers and accessories coming back.


Fashion show: 15:00 to 16:00

Fashion manager. 1 person

Take responsibility to welcome and inform all the participants about the Fashion Show and how everything will be done.

”Q:er”: 1 person

Ensures that the models are in the right order before they go out.


Those of you who want to sign up or get more information about the different tasks are most welcome to contact me to me via my email:

Hope to her from you all soon!

Emilia Stenmyr


Vendor at the market

Hovdala May 15 to 16

 Now we are looking for those of you who want to stand as market vendors during Hovdala on 15-16 May.

As in previous years, it will be free to stand as a vendor at the market on Friday and Saturday. But you need to bring your membership card with you and be able to show it at request. This is to prevent non SCA-members from participating for free.

NOTE! We have now changed day to Saturday the 16th of May when the various SCA events are to be held at Hovdala.

Hovdala is responsible for arranging the market stalls, so you don’t have to bring your own, but if you wish to bring your own market tent , please provide notification in your registration email.

It is the desire of Hovdala that the notification is made directly to them this year, so I have solved it like this:

To receive the registration email. You first have to send me an email to the address below, I would be very thankful if this mail contains views and ideas about how we can make Hovdaladagen better for you this year.

You will then receive a reply email with accurate registration information and telephone number of the person responsible for the market at Hovdala.


The information at the registration papers saying that it costs money to stand as vendor is incorrect.

Write that you are a part of SCA in the notification to avoid any charges.

Email me as soon as possible:



Hovdala Fashion Show 2015

Saturday, May 16
The time, 14:00 to 15:00

This year we will once again have a fashion show during Hovdaladagen. I hope this year to gather as many examples as possible from various medieval clubs.
We are looking for those who are interested in showcasing your clothes that are historically linked between 600 1600

To participate, take pictures of your clothes that you want to show and write a brief info about the garment and yourself (the photo is for me to be able to make a good presentation order, and for me to be able to do a good overview and do a good go- schedule).

Documentation should include,
When the garment was sewn
Which century reflects the garment
What inspired you to make this garment
Other curiosities around the garment / when and how you did it

It is possible to sign up until 1 hour before the fashion show, however, no guarantee that you will be able to participate.
Unfortunately there is not any form of compensation for this, it is entirely on a voluntary basis. However, you will have a very nice day with a great market, medieval fighting, music and much more. In addition, a huge thanks from my side that you want to be a part of and rock the heck out of this fashion show.

If you have questions, you are welcome to contact me via email:
Hope to hear from all of you soon!
Emilia Stenmyr