Double Wars XXX Event Schedule will be available in mid january 2017 and after that updated  whenever new scheduled posts comes up.

With less than6 months to go until Double Wars XXX is upon us, the Event Stewards is now busy with preparing to release a preliminary schedule.   A list of activities and classes will well ahead of time before the event be available on-line at  or through the homepage of Double Wars; at the schedule page ; DW XXX Event Schedule 2017.

All types of activities and information are listed, from meal times to classes to tourneys.  Activities are color coded into general categories so that attendees can easily find all meal information or activities related to armored combat. Many activities such as classes feature a description along with an activity sponsor or teacher profile.   Event staff in charge of each activity are also listed.

The site allows you to view the different event activities according to time, venue and category.  You can register on the site and then create a personal calendar based on the activities you select.  Printing and many social media options are also available and the entire schedule is mobile device enabled.

Want to list your meeting or revel on the schedule?    If you or your group would like to have a meeting, specific activity or party displayed on the schedule, please send the following information in an email to  activity name, date, starting time, end time, location, sponsor person’s name and activity description.   If you need information on what venues or areas are available outside personal encampments, please email the event steward at

More classes are welcome!  If you have an idea for a class or would like more information about holding a class, please send an email to one of the event coordinators of Arts & Sciences  listed at the event webpage.

The schedule will be updated regularly, so check back often to see what’s new.  If you have questions about how to use the site, please see  Questions about the schedule can be sent via email  to

Just follow the instructions and create your own identity at sched to log in and sign up!

Note that some of the activities at the event like youth activities also are posted on their own pages.


The schedule itself you will find  at the next page DW XXX Event Schedule 2017 by january 31st!