Online registration is now open!

Please note that you can no longer book any meals or fire wood as it is now less than 2 weeks before the event starts.


There is no hurry to sign up within the first minutes or even days as we are no longer basing indoor beds on when registration was made and the site is big enough for all the campers who want to come. Please see the Indoor sleeping policy for more information.

We have a new registration system this year. You will not receive an automatic confirmation on your screen or by e-mail. All confirmations are sent manually so please be patient while we send these out. It can be up to a couple of weeks before you get your confirmation.

If you have problems with your registration or have any questions, please contact the steward responsible for registrations at

Please note that we as of now (march 11th) have a waiting list for indoor sleeping and for feast. Both lists are quite short. If you are interested in these things then register for them and you will be added to the appropriate waiting list(s) which will be confirmed in your confirmation e-mail.

The registration form can be found here.


Information about who has registered can be found here when registrations has open (also updated manually so there will be a delay until after confirmation e-mails have been sent).