Online registration will open in january – exact date will be updated soon! There is no hurry to sign up within the first minutes or even days as we are no longer basing indoor beds on when registration was made and the site is big enough for all the campers who want to come. Please see the Indoor sleeping policy for more information.

Online confirmation: In the confirmation you see in the last step, there is a link to your registration. Please save that link as well if you want to login to your registration to view or update it. Make sure that you write down (or take a photo of the screen) the username and password you receive in the end of the registration process as this is the only time the password is shown. The reservation steward cannot get this information out of the system later!

All registrations will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of their booking. These e-mails are sent manually so it may take several days to receive this when there are a lot of people registering. If you have problem to view/update your registration or have any questions, please contact the steward responsible for registrations (


The registration form can be found here when registrations has open.


Information about who has registered can be found here when registrations has open.