The Troll is the registration office at the event. You visit the troll as soon as you can when you have arrived at the event and sign in, you get your event token, your food-ticket (pre-ordered food) the information-folder, extra information about when to help out with the chores you signed up for and possibly directions to site & ground stewards or a bed indoors.

If you have pre-paid you do not have to worry about this but if you need to pay at site you need to visit the troll when payment is possible too.

The troll will be located inside or just outside of the tavern depending on weather conditions.

The Troll will be open almost daily, but we do not handle money every day. This is the schedule for the Troll:

Friday: 20.00-21.00

Saturday:  8.30–11.00

Sunday:  10.00–11.00

Monday:  10.00–11.00 Payments possible 

Tuesday:  10.00–11.00

Wednesdey:  10.00–11.00 – Payments possible

Thursday:  10.00–11.00

Friday:  10.00–11.00 – Payments possible

Paying at the door:

If you have to pay at the door you will find the Exchequer every other day, starting Monday, at the troll.

If you have any questions about your registration, please contact the Troll on e-mail: