If You are one of those who want to volunteer to help with kitchen duty during Double Wars – we are most thankful and you are much welcome!


We need help to prepare breakfast, please contact Lady Åsa Fredriksdotter if you are willing to help out.

Breakfast 07.30-10.30

Tavern (lunch and dinner)

The tavern would be grateful to have helpful people for kitchen duty.

There are three shifts daily to choose from (Saturday and Monday-Thursday):

one person 11-14
one person  15-18
one person  17-20.30

Kitchen helpers will be served free lunch and dinner the day they volunteer.

Please mark in your registration if you want to help and also what days/shifts you would prefer.

Tavern (final cleaning)

We also need at least three people to do the final cleaning of the Tavern kitchen on Saturday night. Please contact Eira, or mark in your registration if you want to help out.

Thank you SO much for volonteering to help!