Recycling and garbage
We have two recycling stations on the site, one is up on the yard behind the tavern the other is next to the barn down by the lower building.

If you are camping we ask that you bring your garbage to the recycling stations as often as needed, please do not wait until you are breaking camp.

The Recycling stations will have a large dumpster for burnable materials, smaller containers for glass (colored and clear), metal, plastic etc.

There will also be containers for empty beer, cider and soda cans, bottles etc. There will be a few trash bins inside of the tavern building but please help us by bringing your cans to the recycling station. If you see one of the public containers full, please help out by emptying it in the appropriate place thank you.

Please help us by sorting your garbage the best you can. The event has been billed hundreds of Euros for garbage not sorted in the proper bins.

Do not park your car so that you block the access to the recycling stations, if the access is blocked the company emptying them will not do so!!!

We ask that all who visit help us keep the site clean.
If you are sleeping indoors you are asked to help cleaning the building you stay in once during the week.
Clean the toilets and shower rooms as well as sweeping the floor of the communal areas.
A schedule to help you remember this small but important task will be placed on the door of the room were you are staying.
Please clean your room before leaving site.

Campers are asked to help out by cleaning the lounge and associated bathrooms as well as toilets, showers and sauna in the basement of the tavern building.
A schedule for which day to clean will be posted on site.

Washing up
The dishwashing station is located outdoors on the side of the tavern building, next to the door to the sauna.
Please clean you plates, bowls etc. from food by throwing it into the green garbage containers.
Please wash up cooking utensils, pots and pans in the separate station, to keep soot, grease and stuff out of the water people wash their eating utensils in. Make sure to use clean water for washing to avoid any food related diseases.

Thank you for your help with keeping the site clean