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Information about how to get to the site can be found on the webpage of the camp site
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55°35’38.9″N 14°10’48.5″E


55°35.648’N 14°10.808’E

WGS84 decimal (lat, lon)

55.594134, 14.180131


6163942, 1397548


6161214, 448333

Detailed Travel Information

The site is located at Lake Gyllebo´s northern shore, just outside Östra Vemmerlöv which in turn is outside Gärsnäs and Simrishamn, in the southeast of Skåne.

By air:

The closes airport is Kristianstad Airport (50 km by car from the site), and Sturup Airport outside Malmö (75 km by car from the site). For International guests Copenhagen Airport (CPH) is the most accessible airport in the area. From Copenhagen, take the train to Malmö and then onward with train towards Ystad and Simrishamn.


By car – driving directions:

From Malmö: Take route 11 towards Simrishamn. Shortly before Gärsnäs you take to the left toward Östra Vemmerlöv. Pass through Östra Vemmerlöv. Right before the forest, you will find the signposted entrance to Sjöröds camp area, pointing to the left. And an SCA sign. Follow the road to the left to the Gyllebo Lake, and then follow the SCA sign to the right, pass the beach and in to the forrest. Follow the signs.

From Lund: Go to Dalby and connect with the road 11, then follow directions above.

From Höör/Hörby: Follow route 13 south towards Ystad. Connect to the Sjöbo road 11 and follow directions above.

From Landskrona: We recommend driving through Lund.

From Kristianstad: Follow road 19 towards Ystad. In Brösarp you turn left and follow the road 9 to Simrishamn. When you come to Rörum you turn right into the Rörum Byaväg and follow the road and then turn right towards Östra Vemmerlöv (big white school to the left). The road is called Sträntevägen and passes Sträntemölla and through a conservation area. After 4.5 km you will find the signposted entrance to Sjöröd’s camp site, the road turns sharply to the right, just after the forrest. Here is an SCA sign pointing to the right. Follow the road to the right towards the Gyllebo Lake, and then follow the SCA sign to the right – pass the beach and in to the forrest. Follow the signs.

Link to online interactive map Tip: Click on the flag at the entrance and then select ”Get directions to here”. This gives you a personalized driving directions from your location to Sjöröd.


By Public Transport – train or bus:
To Sjöröd you can go by train and bus almost the whole way. Since the camp site is located in the middle of the forest, you will have to walk from the nearest bus stop.

Skånetrafiken runs all the buses and trains that take you to Sjöröd. Nearest bus stop is called ”Gyllebosjövägen” and is located two kilometers from the camp site (close to the ”Skylt vid vägen” Blue flag symbol on the map above). The bus that goes there is called 574 and departs from Simrishamn’s Station, to where you can travel by train; ”Pågatågen” from Malmö and Ystad, and the express bus from Lund and Kristianstad. Regardless of whether you travel by train or bus to Simrishamn, the journey by bus 574 is always included in the price.

If you have not previously traveled with Skånetrafiken, you may want to know that tickets for Pågatågen must be purchased before boarding the train. Tickets are purchased from vending machines at the stations.



There are a couple of cabcompanies in the area.


Olles Taxi. Webadress:

phonenr: 0046 (0)414-10883


Taxibolaget i Simrishamn. Phonenr:  0046 (0)414-100 79


Taxi Österlen ( in Simrisham)  phonenr: 0046 (0)414-177 77