Fighting schedule DW 2014

Magnus ÖlmundR is responsible for the fighting activities this year. Please contact him ( if you would like to teach a class or organize a tournament.

The guest figther for Double Wars XXVII is Duke Maynard.
Duke Maynard von dem Steine, KSCA, has participated in SCA armored combat for 24 years.  He resides in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc where he has served as King of AEthelmearc three times, most recently in 2013. His primary weapon form in single combat is pole-arm, in which he has been very successful utilizing in both tournament and on the melee field. Over the years he has continued to learn and develop his style with pole-arm.  His Grace is excited to take the opportunity to share this knowledge while attending Double Wars in the great Kingdom of Drachenwald.  He will be teaching the following classes with pole arm but will be willing to adjust the classes based on attendance and what the attendees are interested in learning.
1)     Basic pole-arm for beginners: How to make a pole-arm; basic stance, movement, and shots while fighting pole-arm. Advanced shots and techniques will be covered based on the desire of the attendees.  Prerequisite: bring a pole-arm.
2)      Fighting pole-arm against weapon and shield: How to fight pole-arm against the most popular weapon form in singles tournaments. Movement and techniques to be successful in tournament fighting. Prerequisite: bring a pole-arm and sword and shield if you have one.
3)     Fighting pole-arm in melee: How to be an effective pole-arm fighter in open field and limited front melee scenarios:  Prerequisite: bring a pole-arm and a melee shield if you have one.
4)     Mental aspects of fighting: This will be a round table discussion about “the mental game” and what we do to be mentally prepared; the non-physical aspects of fighting.  This will not just be about pole-arm and will be open to anyone that wants to discuss the topic in an open forum; especially if you would be willing to share your thoughts and ideas over a cold beverage.

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