The DoubleWars is a great event for Heavy Fighting, there will be something fantastically fun and challenging for everyone.
There will be fancy chivalrous tournaments in honor of the queen and there will be tournaments for points and all kinds in between these.There will be melees for groups and units to fight each other AND of course there will be 2 Wars.

Please find the full schedule with all the details in Sched

Heavy Fighting Teacher

Duke Sir Davin Steingrimsson
is this years especially invited
Heavy Fighting teacher from the
great Kingdom of An Tir.

Read more from and about the teacher and the classes

Words from the Kingdom Earl Marshall

DoubleWars is for many the start of the event season, and as usual all armors and weapons needs to be maintained and inspected regularly.

As usual the armor of each fighter needs to be inspected and approved by one of the appointed Marshals.


  • A fighters armor only needs to be inspected once per event – as long as nothing is replaced or repaired then it has to be reinspected.
  • An armor is only inspected on that specific fighter – if the armor is lent to another fighter it has to be reinspected on him or her.
  • All weapons needs to be (re)inspected at the start of each fighting day – even if the weapon has not been used or altered since last inspection.

Additional safety focus areas for DoubleWars XXX
On the order of the Kingdom Earl Marshal this year there will be a couple of focus areas for the inspecting Marshals. Information on this is herby provided in advance to raise awareness of certain high risk areas to heighten and maintain the safety standards.

  • Additional focus will be put on the inspection of the helmets, especially padding and chin-strapping of the helmets.
  • Additional focus will also be put on the total length of fiberglass spears and the construction and fastening of the thrusting tips.

Finally the Earl Marshal wishes all a very fun and safe DoubleWars!

Heavy Fighting Coordinator

Responsible Heavy Fighting Coordinator is Vicount Torbjörn Åbryte, please contact him if you want to get involved in running Tournament, Wars or just have questions about the Heavy Fighting.



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