The Guest Teachers invited for Double Wars XXX is once again knights from Midrealm, the Middle Kingdom. We are proud to announce that both Duke Sir Ragnvaldr Jonsson  and Duke Sir Brannos O’Iongardail has been invited and are once more considering to be our honoured guests and to teach many more classes on the subject of heavy fighting.

So start practising and armour up for one more round of high quality classes in HF!
The classes Duke RagnvaldR held at DWXXIX was VERY appreciated!

As an extra treat for DWXXX we have invited not only one but two heavy fighters. Duke Brannos was the honorable guest of Double Wars many years ago! And we now hope for them both to return.  Any news in this area will be posted here.

Brannos RebbekahRangvaldr

Vicount Torbjörn Åbryte  is responsible for  coordinating the fighting activities this year. Please contact him if you would like to teach a class or organize a tournament. Please note that the coordinator for the Knäckebread War is vacant yet. If you want to help out with the Knäckebread War – contact the hf coordinator! The Second War of this year is yet to be decided – if you have any ideas och wish to help out – feel free to contact Torbjörn!

The HF schedule will be a part of the big integrated schedule – scheck the main schedule- page for new happenings!


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