Please observe that you must register here before you pay for the event. Otherwise it will be impossible for the Double Wars staff to keep chaos away from the payments and registrations.

Payment must be received no later than March 31st. If you live outside of EU we prefer if you pay in advance (see instructions below) but alternately you can pay on site but must then send your travel information to Isabetta by March 31st. Separate deadlines for indoor sleeping are earlier.

Payment after the 31st of March will require a Late Fee of 100 SEK.

People from Sweden are required to pay by PlusGiro.

Use the following account:

104 84 33 – 5 (SKA Attemark,DW)

Please enter your legal name and e-mail address in the payment message.


We are going with the exchange rate 9 SEK for 1 Euro and 8 SEK for 1 USD.


Cancellation rules and refunding

Cancellation is free until 31st of March. From the 1st of April until the 30th of April the event will refund you 75% of all that you have paid. From May 1st until the end of the event the event will refund you 75% of your sitefee, but NO refunds of what you paid for bed, food or wood. Refunding your payment can take up to 1 month after you cancel.

Återbetalning vid avbokning

Gratis avbokning till och med 31 mars. 1-30 april får du 75% tillbaka (av allt man betalat) om du måste avboka. 1 maj – eventets slut får du 75% av din betalda sitefee tillbaka men ingen återbetalning av säng, mat och ved. Observera att det kan ta upp till en månad att återbetala din eventavgift, pga administrativ kommunikation.



EU payment details
People from outside the European Union are allowed to pay at the door in Euro or US dollars. However, we cannot guarantee change in other currencies than SEK and it is much easier for you and the exchequer if payment is complete before arrival. Everybody who has an account in a bank in a Euro country (Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Finland…) is required to pay their Double Wars fees in advance to Attemark’s bank account. According to an EU agreement, an automatic transfer between two banks within the EU area – a so called EU payment – should not cost more than a similar domestic transfer. As an alternative to using your bank we have also had international visitors use the website which works from almost all countries in the known world (not Russia). Below you find all the details necessary for a succesful automatic EU payment.

Account number (IBAN format): SE0895000099602610484335

In international banking, the account number is given in the long IBAN format, which contains information about country, bank and office.

Recipient (account holder): SKA ATTEMARK,DW

The holder of the account in question is the sponsor of the event, the shire of Attemark. Sometimes it is also necessary to give the recipient’s address.

Recipient’s address: C/O BLOMSTRAND, RIPG 30, 21459 MALMÖ


The SWIFT code (or BIC code) is the international code for a bank. If you pay elecronically, by entering the SWIFT/BIC, you may even see the full name of the recipient’s bank before accepting the payment.

Bank name: Nordea Bank AB

Country: SWEDEN

Maybe you will have to specify the name of the bank and country where the recipient’s bank is situated.

Currency: EUR (or SEK if possible)

If the currency of your account is euro, the EU payment works best if you pay in euros according to our euro price list.
Our bank, the recipient, allows us to accept EU payments in euros and thus you are saved the hassle with the exchange rates.
Some banks in the euro countries (like Nordea in Finland) only accept euros when doing a EU payments and charge extra if you try to make an EU payment in SEK or any other non-euro currency.
Banking fees are shared between the sender and the recipient. In manual payments abroad, one can choose if the banking fees are covered by one of the parts or if they are shared (which makes sense when the fees are high).
However, in EU payments both parts pay only what they would pay for domestic transfers (mostly the recipient pays next to nothing in EU payments) and the automatic payment only works if costs are shared.

Message: Please enter your legal name and e-mail address in the message